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Saturday, 13 December 2014 01:09

Window cleaning.


We employ cutting edge technology to produce 100% pure water in order to avoid the use of harmful detergents in our cleaning. Because of this we can clean glass using simply a water pole and brush. With our extending carbon fibre pole we can reach over five floors without the use of lift and ladders.

We can make your business shine for lower cost and in less time.


We also offer residential window cleaning in the traditional manner.

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 Cutting edge technology.

The physical reverse osmosis process removes app. 98% of minerals from the water. The built-in resin filter completes the purification process to produce 100% pure water. Because of this, it is possible to clean glass and solar panels with the use of just water pole and brush and no detergents. The -RO-Filter has an additional resin polisher, so that the produced water is 100% pure.