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Saturday, 13 December 2014 01:02

Solar panel cleaning

Despite common microconception, solar panel systems are not self-cleaning. Dirt, sand, pollution and traffic dust collect on the surface preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells inside. Rain washes part of the dirt away, but the rain water also deposits new dirt particles on the surface. If left dirty for too long the dirt of the surfactants will burn into the surface and cannot be removed. Soiled systems switch on with a delay and can result in high losses of energy.

Our cleaning system uses 100% pure filtered water, without chemicals, for an environmentally friendly clean and a specially designed Solar Brush to avoid damage to the panel surface; the result is a spotless and streak-free of the glass and frames. Our extending carbon fibre pole ensures a safe and secure process without the need for ladders.

Regular cleaning of your solar panels can increase the solar yield by up to 30%.

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 Cutting edge technology.

The physical reverse osmosis process removes app. 98% of minerals from the water. The built-in resin filter completes the purification process to produce 100% pure water. Because of this, it is possible to clean glass and solar panels with the use of just water pole and brush and no detergents. The -RO-Filter has an additional resin polisher, so that the produced water is 100% pure.

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